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Charming monogrammed gifts and embroidery by two swell gals. Graduation, wedding, baby, Monogrammed Gifts Mostly Me Giftscollegiate, birthday, special occasion, and gift-to-self.

Lifelong friends Linda (Wilson) Gilson and Melissa (Mays) Hansen are the two swell gals behind this operation. Our business motto is, “If it’s not fun, we’re not doing it.”  We love to thrill our customers with charming gifts of embroidery and monograms, concentrating on just the right touch of personalization – always with a “bow”-dacious presentation.

Linda and Melissa (along with their husbands!) have raised 5 children . . . all grown ups now – 1 married with two children,  1 newlywed, 1 working out of state, 1 working in China, and 1 in college! Every stage of motherhood and grand motherhood have helped to make Mostly Me the go-to place for special, unique gifts for every occasion . . . birthdays, graduations, weddings, baby and more.

New to the team is Carol Gaultney, Linda’s long-time friend and sorority sister. That brings us up to 8 children, 3 husbands and lots of college tuition bills! Carol has a passion (well, obsession) for fabric and sewing, is fearless of our 10-needle machines, and knows just enough to figure out the nuances of our ventures into cyber business. Carol’s love affair with all things seersucker is alive and well and has a college aged daughter who loves trying out new monogrammed gifts!

Why “Mostly Me?”

Friends since middle school, Linda Gilson and Melissa Hansen share an uncanny ability to finish one another’s sentences anchored by a just-their-own lexicon that only comes with life-long friendship. A mainstay of their daily gab sessions: a shared love of famous movie quotes.

So when it was time to name their personalized gift and embroidery business, a favorite line from “Gone With the Wind” came easily: “Well, it was mostly me…”

Remember the scene? Prissy is sent by Scarlett O’Hara to fetch Rhett Butler to let him know that she and Scarlett have delivered Melanie Wilkes’ baby without the help of Dr. Meade: “Well, it was mostly me, Capt. Butler,” said Prissy. “Only Miss Scarlett, she helped me a little….”  

We found it fitting as personalization is our game, and as we are both apt to tease one another for all the credit of a great idea or a great design. But in truth, the duo live 400 miles apart and Mostly Me’s headquarters are with Linda in Peachtree Corners, Ga.

It’s really ‘Mostly Linda,’” says Melissa. “But let’s just keep that our secret.” 🙂


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.

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