Monogram 101

One of our core values is that personalized gifts are ALWAYS appropriate. We believe that monogramming makes everything more meaningful. Here is the standard Emily Post Monogramming Etiquette that we normally follow:

Individual Monogram Etiquette: The most common rule is first name initial, last name initial and middle name initial, in that order. So Kathryn Elizabeth Miller’s monogram would look as follows:

Married Monogram Etiquette (2 Choices) Modern Monogram Etiquette: The most common rule is the Woman’s First Name, the couple’s Married Last Name, Husband’s First Name. So Kathryn Miller married to Joseph Godwin the monogram would look as follows:

Traditional Monogram Etiquette: The most common rule to follow is Woman’s First Name, Married Last Name, Woman’s Maiden Name. So Kathryn Elizabeth Miller married to Joseph Edwin Godwin’s monogram would look as follows:

Men’s Monogram Etiquette/All Same Height Block Font Etiquette: When monogramming something for a man or in a Block Font with ALL OF THE LETTERS THE SAME HEIGHT, the traditional monogram layout is “First, Middle, LAST”. For example, Robert James Wilson’s monogram would be entered as:

Mens Monogram .Library

It is also correct to put a gentleman’s surname initial larger in the middle. For Robert James Wilson, the monogram is also acceptable as follows:

Mens Monogram 2.Library Font


Another popular option is the stacked monogram. In this example, the first and middle initials are stacked next to the last name initial (Michael Andrew Goldman).


SPECIAL NOTES ON THE ROUND (NATURAL CIRCLE) MONOGRAM: PLEASE NOTE: THIS FONT CAN LOOK SLIGHTLY “CUT OFF” OR “SQUARED OFF” IF YOU HAVE A “J”, “L” or “O” AS THE FIRST OR MIDDLE INITIAL, and a “D” in the left side position will come out backwards to keep the integrity of the circle. (PLEASE click on Natural Circle in “Fonts” to see all letters before ordering this font).

OMG.Natural Circle Font


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